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Khoi Doan
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A clipboard manager for everyone.

Xclippy is a tool for anyone who wants to save time in their office life. Save clipboards and reuse its whenever you want.


  • Image Clipboard: You can copy image from Internet or on your computer
  • Support MacOS and Windows
  • Template Clipboard
  • Quick Selection: Using hot keys or context menu bar to pick a clip or a clipboard template.
  • Locked Clipboard: Lock any clip to use this later

How to use Xclippy

  • Use hotkey to quickly retrieve the contents of a previous clip:
    • ctrl + {number} on Windows or Linux
    • command + {number} on MacOS
  • Use hotkey (ctrl | command) + shift + ~ to quickly view list templates and select one by click or tabbing with tab key.
  • Using snipping tool for capture your screen.
    • On MacOS: Press ⇧⌘4 to select an area of your screen.
    • On Windows: Press Windows Key + Shift + S to select an area of your screen


Let us know if you have ideas that can help make our products better. If you need help with solving a specific problem, please visit the link

Website: Xclippy.com

Twitter: @XclippyHQ

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A clipboard manager for geeks.

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